Ellis Brigham

We were approached by Ellis Brigham to develop a new store concept as part of a refurbishment of their existing flagship store in Covent Garden. They required an interior design scheme that could be easily rolled out across the rest of their UK stores.

The most important aspect of this project was flexibility; the nature of mountain sports retailing is geared around the seasons, so it was important that the store layout could accommodate frequent changes.

We produced a fixture kit that would allow Ellis Brigham to merchandise their product with the maximum amount of flexibility.

Well-defined category headers and signage enabled the range of sub-brands stocked at the store to be easily identified, sometimes taking over entire sections to create mini shop-in-shops.

Working alongside Quantum 4, we developed and designed a concept that could be flipped around and where product categories could be easily moved across floors.


We needed a shop-fit that could handle our huge range of diverse products, whilst showcasing the features of individual items, highlighting key brands and making the shopping experience as immersive and informative as possible. What we have delivered is an exceedingly versatile display system that caters for everything we sell from carabiners to snowboards, from sleeping bags to premium ski jackets.
— Robert Brigham, Ellis Brigham Managing Director

Quantum 4 ensured that the fixtures were long-term, fully re-usable, deconstruct-able and recyclable. 

The fixtures produced were robust and environmentally responsible, giving them an honestly and an integrity which is expressed in the choice of materials used, and which is in keeping with Ellis Brigham’s brand values. 

The brand’s signature shade of orange acts as a highlighter throughout the store, providing contrast in the same way that a tent’s guide ropes might be brightly coloured against the neutral backdrop of the tent. This colour was reinforced through orange cages placed along the product walls to highlight new arrivals and tell stories about the products’ technical benefits. 

The shop’s fitting room was moulded around the design of the shipping containers used on arctic explorations. 

Inside the fitting rooms, large format graphics tell stories of explorers such as Shackleton and Edmund Hilary, and the historical timeline showing the evolution of the Ellis Brigham brand. At the rear of the store, covering both floors, a ‘vertical chill’ urban ice climbing zone was brought to life. 

Bold new graphics and a corrugated steel fascia tied in with the design language of the fitting rooms, and a raw timber enclosure deemed a ’ski patrol’ hut became a place where the experts behind Ellis Brigham could carry out the grinding of shoe inners for their ‘sure fit’ boot-fitting services.

In modern retail, the lines between the internet and the in-store experience are becoming blurred. This shop fit will enable us to leverage our omnichannel position and deliver the kind of engaging content normally associated with online retail rather than bricks and mortar.
— Robert Brigham for Retail Focus

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